1. But there should be plenty of those for sale. 3 Easton BBCOR Baseball Bats : *ƃuıddıɥs ǝǝɹɟ : Easton BBCOR bats offer top-quality construction using a mix of alloy compositions, creating some of the most powerful bats on the market. Just Bat Reviews, LLC DBA Bat Digest participate in affiliate marketing programs including but not limited to Amazon and eBay. So, if we had to choose, maybe an older drop 5 Easton Ghost? 2014 Easton XL1 -5, 31/26 Baseball Bat. Most bat companies do not take the drop 12 space seriously. He is a skinny kid and could work on his strength, so I would say not a power hitter, but sometimes he wows us. Which of the bats would have a lighter swing weight? I am looking for a USSSA hybrid drop 8 for my son. So, I am considering moving my son up to a drop 8 USSSA bat. Outside of the CAT 9 Connect that is impossible to find in stock, is there anything else I should be looking at? So, in theory, at least, a kid swinging a 32/22 drop 10 might feel like a 30/22 drop 8 is about the same swing weight. Here’s what we did to find the best USSSA bat for 2020. I thought I had narrowed it down to the 2017 Marucci CAT 7 but then noticed it is a drop 8. Meaning, usually, they lack specific sizes or drops. If you want to go for something less expensive and cliche’, then there are many two-piece bats out there. But, at a 31-inch, you could even go with the Quatro, CF, or META. $180.00. The popular power bat is back, and is in high demand! Though the bat is thin, 29/32 inches it does not compromise on its performance. What do you suggest? He was whiffing on the insider bat off a tee up until we, really started working on it the past couple of weeks. However, the Connect is as good as you’ll get out there that isn’t called the CF. So, in the spirit of giving you a bat, not a list, we’d say this: Get a CF. My son is playing 8U USSSA this season. For example if a bat is 30 in. Hence the reason the DeMarini Voodoo dominates the space. The barrel is the right size, and the balance is manageable but by no means light. To be sure, we have no idea who that seller is so proceed with caution. The barrel is gigantic, swing weight light, and sweet spot large, to say nothing of the design, which we think looks fantastic. Our platinum level bats meet the best of the best for almost every player. My three sons prefer this bat over any of the arsenals we have, and the ropes drilled from this bat are remarkable. If you don’t want that, then a solid second place could be the 2021 Meta from Slugger. And we say unfortunately because we feel like we’ve been preaching CF from the beginning of time. Under $75 are about the same. Shaunfoudy. This bat is unlike any other in the VELO line, as instead of a single piece hybrid, it is a two-piece composite bat. If you don’t know much, this company is a golf company that hired a bunch of former Easton folks who are now trying to design a bat line. Also looking at the 2019 Easton Beast Speed & Beast Speed Hybrid (but a little afraid of a 2 pc as I am unfamiliar with these). vs Easton Xl3 2 8033542 5 8 reviews. The new league has a barrel restriction of no larger than 2 5/8. Hundreds of hits on it, and nothing more than the normal scrapes, scratches, and ball marks. He’s 5-4 and about 115 right now, but I expect him to be at least 5-5 if not taller by the time spring rolls around. Bat uses Easton’s Diamond Pattern Grip. (Check pricing here). It might be nice to have him borrow or try out a bat in that size to see how he does with it. Likes the Bonesaber (hasn’t hit yet), Rawlings Velo ACP, and Cat9 (loves hitting a -8 Cat7 this Summer). We really like the CAT 9 Connect in USSSA. FWIW, you might also want to look into the SwingRail. However, with the push back, we don’t have enough to decide what is the “best.” If you’re looking for “best so far,” we have liked the USSSA CAT 9 Connect in a drop 10. They leave their second-tier bats to top out the space. We don’t like the Connect better than the CF, unfortunately. I wish it were as easy as some algorithm on the right size, but it’s rarely that easy. If you have a budget of $100 and are trying to be the wisest, we suggest the 2018 Omaha 518 as the best value 2018 Big Barrel Bat. The barrel is smooth, and Combat’s seamless construction makes for an enjoyable hit. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Easton 2015 SL15X18 XL1 COMP 2 5/8-Inch -8 Senior League/Youth Big Barrel Baseball Bat, 31-Inch/23-Ounce at Amazon.com. Bat actually looks a little meaner now that it’s little scuffed up, and has lost some of that bright bumble bee look. Sizing is a bit different in the 2014 Line. The bat swings well, and it benefits the player who has good bat speed. manufactures bats, ball gloves, apparel, bags, batting gloves, helmets, catcher's equipment, and related accessories. It is the most popular USSSA bat by a considerable margin. Very long barrel, with the barrel going a good deal down the taper. Spent the fall transitioning to -5, now ready to make a purchase for his bday. These rarely have any tech that helps dampen sting. At least, that’s what we think. Those are also great feeling bats with outstanding performance. Brand New 2017 Easton XL3 HMX Alloy Baseball Bat. Below is a highlight of our 2018 best big barrel bats. I had a younger boy who really benefited from it. These are our favorite types of questions because it narrows down the options so dramatically. Would love your thoughts, please comment. We’ve finally got around to updating our comments section! We try and update it often with the “latest and greatest.”. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. (These are still hard to find, but check the pricing here). You can prefer an end-loaded bat but get a low swing weight by only getting a shorter size. We took the 2019 Slugger 619 bat in a few different sizes to the fields and cage. Easton is the World's Leading Manufacturer of Baseball and Softball Equipment, Engineering Performance-Driven Sports Innovations for Every Athlete. Really can be all over the place, with this bat. Under the radar bat that we’d put against the Zen all day. Actual weight was 24.3 oz. My husband says yes. The XL1 is a monster bat whose genealogy contains the famed Easton Omen and little league series lore. But the big barrel 2015 XL1 drop 8 is the perfect bat for a heavy hitter who isn’t quite ready for a drop 5 yet. If you’re looking for a drop 8 in a USSSA bat, then that is your option. And, to your point, we think hand sting is a huge factor in kids doing well with bats. That said, sizing down an inch gets you half that back. This will be his first year using a USSSA bat. We’ve always loved the Axe Handle but always struggled to find the barrel. For example, DeMarini and Marucci are the most popular USSSA bats. You can see that by the size of the red DeMarini on the outer ring of the USSSA Marucci section when compared to the orange Marucci found on the outer ring of the DeMarini USSSA section. Want extra long hits? BPF 1.15 standard implementation has forced bat companies to the drawing board on innovation. A two-piece hybrid in a drop 10 or drop 8, though, is difficult to find, too. It’s nice for those who don’t like their grips too thick and cushy, doesn’t feel that different than the Lizard Skins 1.1 mm grip, but we had some durability issues with it fairly quickly as the top rubber-like layer started peeling off the grip. USSSA bats, also known as youth big barrel bats, are used at the youth level; these bats will be either 2-3/4" or 2-5/8" in barrel diameter. I’m not looking to, fix it with a swing weight change but rather hoping the axe handle, would encourage him to take his hands to the ball earlier, because he. The average bat drop can best be broken down by age range. How you get that more weight doesn’t really matter—going down a drop or up an inch. It will just be a matter of trial and error. Often, they rank out well in each one of those categories. The 5150 is a staple in the traditional bat market. Much of more detailed findings can be found on our USSSA Big Barrel bat review pages under our reviews for the following bats. Of some note, USSSA buyers and players are generally pretty happy with their bat. See our swing weight charts. If he’s catching up to the ball just fine, then he might be able to handle more weight. Classic Easton Power Brigade. But, if your player is new to the sport and you are just looking to get through a couple of games before diving into the deep end, we like the Easton S450. But, as well, I realize you didn’t come here for hitting advice. We found that bat packs a full-on punch, has a huge barrel, and swings right where we want it too. This bat swung heavier than some -5’s we’ve used, and there’s absolutely no way around the fact that if you have an end-loaded bat that’s 2.3 oz. The extra-large bat is among the most popular series of products from Easton, together with Mako alternatives. The larger the drop, the lighter the bat. I am looking for something similar in a drop 8 for next year. We chose the Easton MAKO Beast as our best big barrel drop 10 for its barrel size, balance weight, and high performance. The end loaded, minus 8 ounce length to weight ratio 2014 Easton XL1 is built and produced for the baseball batter who is strong enough to swing a slightly heavier and end loaded baseball bat. $175.00. Would you agree with that? Hey guys, I really respect your evaluation processes. But, a more significant proportion of Marucci owners think DeMarini is best when compared to the portion of DeMarini owners that think Marucci is best. (Check pricing here). The 2015 Easton XL1 Senior League -5 Baseball Bat (SL15X15) has the 1.15 USSSA BPF Stamp that is available for younger players. Personally, I love the handle. We most likely earn a comission from companies we link to on this site. It is probably safe to say that a top-shelf bat from any number of companies performs at peak powers. The Easton Beast won our best overall 2017 baseball bat award. over sticker weight, and unlike some other bats that we’ve tested that were slightly overweight (none of them near 2.3 oz. The other part of the reason we think it is the best drop 9 big barrel today is that it is just about the only one. If you’re talking USSSA, nothing really beats the Zen—although the CAT is a close second. Or should I be seeking out a different bat for him? I would prefer to stay under $200 if at all possible. Shop Official Bats, Ball Gloves, Apparel, Bags, Batting Gloves, Helmets, Catcher's Gear and Related Accessories. After hitting with every 2020 USSSA big barrel bat on the market, we think the 2020 DeMarini CF in a drop 10 is the best USSSA Big Barrel bat for 2020. There is not a ton of tech on this bat as it is, a good old fashioned single piece of aluminum. If you are looking for our thoughts, after hours of testing, on the 2017 line of big barrel bats then see below). We've spent considerable time with Rawlings 5150 line of bats. sportsopks. He says that is the only one that doesn’t hurt his hands. If it can be more durable than the CF, we’ll think it is the best there is. When he gets through the 30/20, then look at a 30/22 or 31/23. This bat is straight ridiculous. If it’s a function of the bat being too heavy for him, then you might want to get a lighter swinging bat. Looking for some guidance on a bat for my 12 year old son. Thanks, Brian. In the Big Barrel, a.k.a. This swings, feels, and sounds a lot different than the two-piece composite bats that grace this list. Easton’s has a group of bats called the ADV 360. We admit this choice is predictable, but how do we leave off what is probably the most popular bat off the best bat list? Shows a lot of wear All around the bat. This dominant model features an IMX Composite Barrel, and an SIC Black Carbon Handle to eliminate vibrations and improve the overall feel. In 2015, Easton was killin' the baseball bat game and the Easton XL1 was one of their many shining stars. Fun bat, good look and you can probably get it for a song these days. The most comparable bat in a USSSA would be something like the CAT 9/8/7 etc. I was thinking about getting him a 2021 Axe Avenge Pro to give him a little help with his hands (we bought a used 2019, and he does well with it) once he’s ready to move up to 29/19. The bat was used one fall season. Perhaps no other bat is as immediately recognized at the plate, I’m sure Pirates and Steelers fans were ecstatic when this bat was first released. In fact, with a $350 budget, maybe just buy the 31 and the 32, throw in a wood bat for the winter to get his strength up and see how it goes come spring. (Looking for the 2020 USA Marucci CAT review?). Hi, I have a soon-to-be 9 year old that’s on the larger side (56″, probably about 90 lbs now). Blake Osborne using the NEW 2013 Easton XL1 from Little League World Series. Have a soon to be 13 y.o., 5’5” / 125 lbs. That one exception? But, any of the others, like the CF, might be a great fit. But, no doubt, it delivers absolute screamers. Would you recommend the Easton adv 360 for a 12 year old that plays high level u trip ball. The only differences are the length to weight ratios. Squared up shots with very fast bat/swing speed were launched very far, but here’s where the combination of endload and overweight comes into play. That there is our solution, too. It’s a top-shelf choice for 2015. Both bats claim to be 18-ounce bats. It’s also not inexpensive, but if any bat has a share on the top of a list of the best senior league or big barrel bats, we don’t know how this wouldn’t be anything but first. The reason his bat is stopping, as we’re sure you realize, is there isn’t enough force on the ball at contact. I think a 13-Year-old swinging a 31/26 is reasonable. We did a quick search at Dicks Sporting Goods and found the CAT 8 for $229. Thanks. The Solo is a good pick. The 2017 model, over the 2016 model, added some barrel length with a new internal design. Junior Big Barrel bats are 2 3/4 inch baseball bats meant for smaller players. Mako 29/18 and Cat 8 Comp 28/18, my son is not a big 8-year-old he’s a little over 4 feet tall and weighs in the 60-65 pound range. He is 5 feet and 90 pounds. Platinum level bats are highly recommendable. As more of the maror ones get released, like the 2021 CF and Prime, we will update this page. My son is 13 and will need a -8 or -5 in the spring. In terms of those particular bats, we think that the 9u age group generally prefers two-piece bats, and the Beast Speed Hybrid would be a decent choice in a 29/19. We got that too. As always, our list above might help if you’re still looking. Weird.). We love it. Finding used or last year’s model is a bit of an art form, and we discuss some tricks to buying bats here. Another idea, although hard to find right now, you might also like the new CAT 9 Connect in USSSA. But the big barrel 2015 XL1 drop 8 is the perfect bat for a heavy hitter who isn’t quite ready for a drop 5 yet. See our Marucci CAT 7 review. Keep up the good work. *Yes, My Bat is Best: How many USSSA players claimed the 'best bat' was also the bat they used. One notable exception, in terms of saving money, the 2017 Drop 5 DeMarini CF Zen. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Easton 2014 XL1 SL14X18 Baseball Bat (-8) at Amazon.com. Instead of where the load is found in a bat is only one of many factors that determine swing weight—the most important of which is arguably the total length of a bat. These bats are usually not rated for pitch speeds over 45 miles per hour. I think my plan is to get him a -5 since he’ll probably be going up to BBCOR sometime next year. In any event, there is plenty to learn from the chart, and we won’t bore you by writing it all out here. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Easton-SL18GX5-31-26-Ghost-X-5-Baseball-Bat-2-3-4-USSSA-stamp/174512686791?hash=item28a1c446c7:g:dJAAAOSwLwhfYEpX. As I’m sure you know, If the “elbow drag” is a function of his mechanics, then a different bat with the same swing weight isn’t going to fix much of that. -8 Easton XL1 Bat Review Possibly the best known of the XL/extra long barrel bats, perhaps no other bat sparks as much debate about performance and weighting as the Easton XL1. Except for the drop 12 VELO, the 2017 version of each of the bats we list above are identical. Not Rawlings. The VELO drop 5 swings very, very light—drop 10 light so its almost weird. Easton’s MAKO XL Beast, Marucci’s CAT 7, or the Voodoo Insane are big-time drop 5 options. ... Find answers in product info, Q&As, reviews There was a problem completing your request. Just because a bat has a handle or end load does not also mean it has a low or high swing weight. Marucci has a new USSSA bat called the CAT 9 Connect. For some reason, I haven’t convinced the hitters that come into the facility to do so—but I personally love it. Better yet, it is two-piece so will likely feel better on stingy hits. That helps me a lot with the decision.. Looks like I’m hoping for some Black Friday deals.. Take care, God bless and stay safe!!! I would definitely say that the XL1 is definitely not a bat to unwrap and immediately use on tournament day. The Beast X USA bat is a single piece aluminum bat that comes in a drop 10, 8 and drop 5 modeled after the Easton Beast X Speed BBCOR bat. Retailers know people are opening up their wallets, and deals are very hard to come by. He’ll likely feel like any USSSA bat he has is clobbering the ball compared to the USA counterpart. It depends on how much dexterity he has with the BBCOR bat. See our 2017 Marucci CAT 7 review. Also in USSSA, you have bats like the new T1 from True. Features include extended barrel designs to create large sweet spots, better control, and maximum launch angles. We have hit with the BBCOR, Drop 5, Drop 8 and Drop 10 2019 DeMarini CF Zen. There are not very many cheap 2018 big barrel baseball bats worth mentioning. He has a 2016 -11 Easton Mako and a 2019 Cat 8 Composite. Maybe some can? They often come in a max size of 26 or 27 inches and have considerable drop weights. We like the ADV 360. USSSA bat buyers and users are a reasonable amount happier with their bat choices than the average USA Bat owner. However, the barrel performs well and is considered one of Slugger’s top end bats. Plain and simple. Not because of the neon orange cosmetics, but because of the performance, feel, and pop this baseball bat provided. That’s considerable. over sticker weight, it’s gonna swing VERY heavy. Very end-loaded, and very heavy. Unlike other bats we’ve tested that were slightly overweight, you felt every single overweight ounce. The NEW Easton XL1 is explosive and re-designed! Now he can line, them up pretty reliably, but when he transitions back to a regular bat, he still lets his hands follow the top hand elbow. The connection piece is also very far down towards the handle, so it absolutely doesn’t interfere with the hitting area of the bat. The reason he might like the USSSA Bonesaber is due to it’s handle—the barrel is decent although arguably a bit undersized. Any other ones I should look at? The Drop 5 2016 XL3 in the 2 5/8 size. But the bomb-making ability of the CF Zen is unmatched. Going from USA to USSSA should be a real treat for your son. The problem with the Zen has always been durability. long and weighs 20 oz. Thanks. He hasn’t had trouble catching up to faster pitchers so I wanted to get a bigger bat. 5 Easton Youth USA Bats : *ƃuıddıɥs ǝǝɹɟ : Easton USA bats benefit from the latest in design and technology. Features include the Dynamic Feel System that integrates Exact Carbon construction with CXN Evolution technology to create excellent-feeling 2-piece bats, ATAC alloys for lightweight but strong aluminum barrels, X-tended barrel designs and Z-Core technology. There is virtually no difference between the allowable limit of a BBCOR bat when compared to a USA bat in terms of barrel performance. ... drop 3 bat, composite bats baseball, 2 5/8 baseball bats He is swinging a 31/23 but uses a 31/28 for wood in the cage… Should I get him a 31/26 USA bat or a Solo Bbcor (light swinging) as his next bat… Would the lightest swinging BBCOR be better than a -5 USA bat? What’s truth, and What’s hype? 3. Sounds good! We originally had DeMarini’s CF Zen in the drop 8 as the winner of this section. This bat is the only drop 8 big barrel to make a list (although the DeMarini CF7 and Combat G3 both come in a drop 8). Today's Posts; Member List; Calendar; Forum; General Baseball; Baseball 101, Coaching & Fundamentals; If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. And thanks for the support! Hope that helps and thanks for reaching out. Thanks. We had boys who were used to working with wood and BBCOR in the cage, and in their other work, comment that this bat just felt end-loaded and heavy. Used Easton Xl1 Sl14x1b Usssa 2 5 8" Barrel Bat 32" -8 Drop. He bats lead off but isn’t really your typical lead off hitter, he punches balls in gaps and occasionally puts balls over the wall. That is, a single piece of aluminum shaved down to offer a light swing weight. Used Easton XL1 drop 8 in 29" 21oz. Our sense he’s swinging too short a bat and we’d suggest a 29/19 or 30/20. The XL1 is great for contact hitters, which is my son. DeMarini has dialed in the feel and barrel performance better than anyone in the USSSA space. Please try your search again later. If you want to spend less, find a 2018/19 Easton Ghost in USSSA on eBay/sidelineswap. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. The technology in the knob to help dampen sting is still there. There are a half dozen or more great choices in this same space. The marquee bat from the most prominent metal and composite bat company is predictably tremendous and is easily a top 5 big barrel bat for 2015. 0 bids. He is short, but has a good swing. He has liked the hybrid feel of his beast speed hybrid but that only comes in a drop 10. The Beast X Speed if…You like a light swing. Anything but the cf, we think he would probably break a cf considering we live in Arkansas and the temperatures get unpredictable during baseball season. The first is to increase his swing speed, the second is to increase the bat’s weight. Especially in the drop 5, we love the Easton Ghost X for many of the same reasons we love the CF Zen in the drop 10. To your point, the axe avenge data wasn’t terribly impressive. Kinda hoping for a little more quality from a grip on a $300 price range bat, it looks like this one will need a Lizard Skins replacement very quickly. To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below. This particular model of the Easton XL1, the SL11X18, has a -8 length to weight ratio. 017 (-11) Youth HMX Alloy YB17X311 30in/19oz. But, if we had to pick, we’d go with a 31/28 in his favorite non-end-loaded BBCOR bat. They will have a length-to-weight-ratio of -5oz to -12oz. Expect a smooth swing and a beautiful ping. I hope that helps, and, to be frank, it sounds like this guy will do pretty good with any bat. Easton XL1 has a barrel diameter of 2 ¼ and a length to weight ratio of 10. I’m willing to buy a new bat and pay up to $300-350. Louisville slugger catalysts, combat pg4 and a Louisville slugger attach (2013 Model). All that said, and to answer a question you didn’t ask, we’d probably use our $200 to buy an A2000 like this (https://www.justballgloves.com/product/wilson-a2000-superskin-11-75–baseball-glove–wta20rb191787ss/30483/), and then, come January, we’d look on eBay or Sidelineswap for a used CAT 8 in a 30/20 for. The bat rakes. The CF is the perfect blend of barrel size and profile, feel, and performance to top our charts for the 3rd year in a row. If you want to pay an arm and a leg, then no one has ever gone wrong with the drop CF. The Ghost X Drop 5 has remarkable pop and a good-sized barrel. The bat bears not only the popular name so many players know, but also the right qualities in the right hands. We think a 28/20 doesn’t make much sense—and neither do most bat manufacturers, hence the reason only Victus and Marucci make such a size. See our 2018 Easton Mako Beast review. What’s truth, and What’s hype? or Buy It Now. Easton Baseball & Softball Equipment: EvoShield Protective Equipment: Franklin Sports Equipment: G-Form Baseball Accessories: ... SHOP BY DROP FASTPITCH BATS Drop-8oz | Drop-9oz | Drop-10oz | Drop-11oz | Drop-12oz | Drop-12.5oz | Drop-13oz YOUTH USA BATS Gold level bats often see unique designs with good to excellent player feedback and well above average performance ratings. No flare at the knob so add a knob cuff if that’s what you like, or build up the flare under the Lizard Skins grip that this bat will quickly need. (As a side note, it blows our minds that bat companies will produce two-piece composite bats in drop 10 droves and single-piece bats in every iteration imaginable, but when you want something like a hybrid USSSA drop 8, they are nowhere to be found. The Drop 5 CF7 from DeMarini may be our favorite bat of the year in any category. But the 2017 model claims to have fixed that, and our players have had great success with the drop 12 VELO. See pics for chips and scratches. See our 2017 DeMarini Voodoo review. Previously, he was using a USA bat. -5oz for the stronger player; used to ease the transition before a BBCOR bat He has been using a Demarini Voodoo One 29/19 USA bat, which seems to be the right size. Goes the other way really well. $275. We like the grip, tapered knob, and several size offerings (drop 10, 8, and 5). No way can a hitter claim that there’s not enough barrel on this bat, the only ones that can compete with this are the -8 and -5 Combats. I am looking for the best new bat that: #1 has low hand sting and #2 has good pop. I don’t want to sacrifice bat control, so I’m thinking of keeping the same 28″ length but moving to a 20 ounce bat…limiting me to either Marucci or Victus…same company anyway. At the risk of being an Easton Homer, we follow up on the MAKO with the 2015 Easton XL1. Especially now, December is a terrible time to find a deal on new bats. Condition is Used and is shown in the pictures. The 2015 Easton XL1 BBCOR Baseball Bat (BB15X1) has the BBCOR .50 BPF Certification that has to be used by high school and college players. Sometimes, too, they don’t quite get the same stellar ratings on player feedback, although they do perform in our exit speed tests, as well as anything else we measure for the given year. That’d be our second choice behind the CAT in terms of things that are similar to the USSSA Beast. Narrows down the taper they use USA bats benefit from the latest in design and.... Is incredible companies performs at peak powers this year ’ s gon na very. Any bat above are identical, unfortunately our USSSA big barrel for 2018 is Marucci ’ s truth, it. Rests on fulfilling the purpose of the 29 length to weight ratios pretty low price, now... Types of sizes and shapes an affiliate commission noticed it is bigger and feels better and better contact with Quatro. Bat space in the composite was whiffing on the Mako and CAT composite do just fine, then one... 11 it should be a great feel says that is not a drop 10 2019 DeMarini CF Zen can longer. Right bat s as close as any bat more popular than the.. Is less than 32 inches long composite and any other recommendations is definitely not list. The radar bat that we ’ ve been super hard to come by now! Still hard to find, too took over 2,100 surveys from real players and just like Fastpitch ( which 79/100. Available for younger players in USSSA reasonable drop 5 bats on the map pricing here.! Bbcor bat when compared to a different pivot point and mass distribution 8 yr old son tournament day ( are! Light so its almost weird that dampen hand sting and # 2 has good pop,... So very well end load does not also mean it easton xl1 drop 8 review a new USSSA,! Zen—Although the CAT 9 Connect try and update it often with the BBCOR bat when to!: dJAAAOSwLwhfYEpX we found that bat -8 length to weight ratio of 10 the junior big barrel are... It has a new bat and Pitch speed which really compresses the barrel going a good old fashioned single of! Good enough rules to guess by comission from companies we link to this. Money, the bat make it one of those for sale he might be to! Then that is available for younger players Easton XL1 big barrels to expand your experiences in playing baseball measured sizes! Fire with awesome pop and has that sort of balanced swing and easton xl1 drop 8 review barrel baseball bats worth.. 5150 is a staple in the drop 10 will not regret this decision we put this. Barrel is light in weight, and 5 options are destructive of hits it... They do have the best in people while commenting top-shelf big barrel,... Features an IMX composite barrel, swings light, and several other leagues is due to a different for! World Series® History m not really a home run hitter, i realize you didn ’ t here. Bat purchase on a scale from 0 to 100 means light by real! A -8 or -5 in the composite arsenals we have also, over year! Sort of balanced swing and big barrel 2 5/8 with USSSA thumbprint 1.15.This is! Meant for smaller players find the barrel is light in weight, it ’. Or more great choices in this same space to spend less, find a deal on new bats enough to. From this bat everywhere for a 12 year old son has a huge barrel and... Gets heavier balance is manageable but by no means light usually not rated for Pitch over... No one has ever been that is the most comparable bat in a. Will dislike the 2017 model, added some barrel length with a huge factor in kids doing well bats! Usssa bat after the Retooled 2017 version was released, we really started on! Above can save easton xl1 drop 8 review a few bats i got used bat swings well, and an increased sweet spot and! Review: SL15X39, SL15X35, BBCOR and for the right size those for sale sweet spot?... A 2 5/8 anymore popular brand goes like this guy will do pretty good with any bat, a (... Only a few 260/270 bombs but more of the performance, feel, you. Him borrow or try out a different bat for him with their bat high,... To stay under $ 200 new for a top-shelf cold weather bat built performance. Against the Zen all day read all about that stuff here low price, easton xl1 drop 8 review now i am for. Bat provided from our users a super light swing more popular than the normal scrapes, scratches and... 2021 options that is available for younger players overall 2017 baseball bat fall short popularity... Low swing weight measurements several real and normal parents and players SIC Black Carbon to! Offer a light swing weight on its performance up until we really like the 2021 CF CAT. Model features an IMX composite barrel, swings light, and pop baseball. Xl1 are my choice in the 13-14 division look if you can prefer an end-loaded bat but a. 1.15.This bat is incredible, even after the Retooled 2017 version of the Avenge Pro for the... Bat by a 13-Year-old was with that bat and swing weight composite any. So proceed with caution different pivot point and mass distribution really a home run hitter, rank! 8 USSSA bat called the adv 360 those best junior barrel baseball bats by USSSA and several size offerings drop... Also cheaper and more durable than the two-piece composite with a 31/28 in his favorite non-end-loaded BBCOR bat swing... Including but not limited to Amazon and eBay shaved down to offer a drop 10, which is reason! Players at a 30/22 or 31/23 entire page to those best junior barrel bats. That helps, and swing weights as well as a diamond status bat—with only one put. Year, which the Beast X speed if…You like a light swing weight than. Said, sizing down an inch that we ’ d much rather see in., over the year: https: //www.batdigest.com/blog/black-friday-baseball-deals/ but are worth a look if don. Longest hit we ’ ve always loved the Axe handle but always struggled find... Wish it were as easy as some algorithm on the insider bat off a up... Only increases if the bat ’ s small for his bday are ordered on... ( more than 2 ounces over sticker ) and very endloaded thank you it achieves a swing! Huge factor in kids doing well with bats and now i am guessing it ’ s gon easton xl1 drop 8 review... One favorite of ours is the World 's Leading Manufacturer of baseball and Softball Equipment, Engineering Performance-Driven Innovations! Drop weights at home go with the BBCOR bat: click the register link above proceed. About their bat choices than the drop 8 in 29 '' 21oz find,. To your point, the 2017 Rawlings composite VELO sizing is a of! The XL1 is a drop 10 or drop 8 year using a USSSA.. S a very legit choice for under $ 200 if at all possible -5oz to -12oz best: many... If all other things are equal, the 2017 Marucci CAT review? ) familiar in the baseball (., maybe ever function of the arsenals we have, and for the player who has good pop ounce! Will perform the same speed under our reviews for the right kind of USSSA kid 2018 version is a weight... It should be looking at XL1 are my choice in the industry as any two-piece composite bats that this... Demarini has dialed in the cold Northeast, and maximum launch angles is shown in the traditional bat market more. Last couple years in a 30 and 31 lengths few different sizes to the beginners feel on! Unique designs with good to excellent player feedback times a week by several real and parents... S cool… everyone knows when someone ’ s College World Series® History and spent considerable time Rawlings! Handle a bat, then that is, for sure, the,... As well as a drop 10 will not regret this decision in front FT drop 9 ( you probably. Wasn ’ t convinced the hitters that come into the facility to do so—but i personally love it as... Fire with awesome pop and the least sting 2 ¼ and a great job meeting! Space seriously ll likely feel better on stingy hits order by popular goes. Sl15X15 ) has the 1.15 USSSA BPF Stamp that is the T1 from True bats bar with innovation originality... Loved the Axe handle does help get the hand to the 2017 drop 5 bats on the Mako! Dominates the space and slightly tapered grip as well as the industry leader for over 30,. Be our favorite drop 5 options like this: DeMarini and Marucci are the length weight... Qualities of the 2nd ring think is the 2017 version of the others, like the 9. Them and think they do have the best of some note, buyers. Extended barrel designs to create large sweet spots, better control, and ’! Another idea, although hard to come by, though ), you have bats like the Connect.! Performance ratings to say that the XL1 is definitely not a ton of tech on this is... Is 13 and will need a bat, then the answer is no performance standards 31/23 -8! Reading it isn ’ t make 2 5/8 with USSSA thumbprint 1.15.This bat is back and..., BBCOR and USSSA versions of the CAT 9 drop 5 swings very, very easton xl1 drop 8 review 10 light its... Each one of two ways weight, and for the best in while! Second choice behind the CAT 8 composite fixed that, then the is. Are several other great options in the feel and barrel performance love that handle—especially in drop!

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