The ECR allows FREE access to videos and webinars recorded at the conference, ECR 2019. Back 42nd Annual SMHR Conference Key Dates SMHR Best Research Paper Award 2020 Call for Abstracts Welcome Million ... SMHR Best phd/ecr Poster Presentation . Parkinson disease (PD) is also one of the highlights of the research presentation session on neurodegenerative disease (session 611a). The workshop was held on Monday 10 February 2020 at Auckland University of Technology (AUT) City Campus, New Zealand. Prof Anna DeFazio . More. 0000057124 00000 n One of these innovative techniques is MRI-guided high-intensity focused ultrasound, a non-invasive treatment for targeted ablation of the ventral intermediate nucleus and the inferior zona incerta. Eur Radiol 30, 5599–5601 (2020). EPOS™, the Electronic Presentation Online System, is the European Society of Radiology's online database for electronic scientific exhibits. September 2019 . A machine learning-derived model including texture analysis mainly related to deep grey matter was able to predict physical disability in MS patients (RPS 611a-1). Full details, category information and guides for authors are available to download from the ECR website. SMHR Team Awards for Impactful Mental Health Research. 0000012490 00000 n Leadership, collaboration and insights from nations leading the way in imaging practice are just a few of the features in what promises to be a rich and educational ECR 2020 congress. One of the most attractive research presentation sessions deals with advanced MRI techniques (1411c). Inevitably, some attention is paid to gadolinium retention in the brain (session 311). CONTACTS; Name Email Phone Room; … One abstract reports on calvarial Gd deposition and its relationship to hypophosphatemia (RPS 311-2). The event is aimed to bring research professionals from multi-disciplinary fields to cross established sub-disciplinary divides, encouraging the exchange of ideas between scientists, engineering professionals, architects, environmental scientists, academicians, economists, and students. trailer 0000004186 00000 n In a series of 124 patients, it was shown that it was possible to predict patient survival by analysing radiomics features quantifying tumour intensity and heterogeneity (RPS 1011b-3). The theme for the 2020 symposia series is ‘Overcoming challenges in educational research’. Learn more Browse all posters. 0000003578 00000 n x�S ! In brain tumour imaging, the recently revised WHO classification has resulted in an increasing use of deep learning in the study of new biomarkers. 2020 POSTGRADUATE AND ECR CANCER RESEARCH SYMPOSIUM . Google Présentations embellit vos idées grâce à une variété de thèmes de présentation, des milliers de polices, des vidéos intégrées, des animations, et plus encore. 0000008043 00000 n 2020. A recording of the webinar is available here. One of them is dedicated to arterial spin labelling (ASL), a promising technique that gives an insight in the brain perfusion without the need of gadolinium (Gd) (sessions 1411a). Créé en 2007, l’European Research Council - Conseil Européen de la Recherche - fait partie du programme-cadre européen finançant la recherche et l’innovation (Horizon 2020). Department of Radiology, University Hospital KU Leuven, Herestraat 49, 3000, Leuven, Belgium, You can also search for this author in 겆|���U՚�\ԟD�QC���`��UO���O��f{��]\�E��J&�R0|���O���#˗)0|#�9�"%!��M��҇�����)���Y�������$�1J-�����A.�Eq��]P?���BqR�8}&Ri�%t.�"I��懲$Bhư�P��lE+��X��%EUmKԊ�sa\�9.8JU{��>uA�IF�ҝ Abdominal Viscera. SEARCH 2020 – The National Telehealth Research Symposium, will connect health researchers, academicians, and visionaries in telehealth and telemedicine to share findings and foster research partnerships. ECR 2020 will go ahead as an online congress taking place on July 15-19, 2020. endstream endobj 40 0 obj <>/AP<>/Border[0 0 0]/F 4/Rect[134.816 636.775 143.66 645.619]/Subtype/Link/Type/Annot>> endobj 41 0 obj <>>>/Subtype/Form/Type/XObject>>stream Cardiology consultants can find the latest news & information about cardiovascular disease & cardiology conferences by going to Radcliffe cardiology’s website. 0000016839 00000 n But, as is the case every year at ECR, ad- 0000073344 00000 n 0000020668 00000 n 0000020247 00000 n The journal’s broad scope encompasses core enabling technologies as well as the implications of these technologies for societies, economies, businesses, and individuals. © 2021 Springer Nature Switzerland AG. Researchers Faculties and Schools Publications Projects Activities Media coverage and contribution Prizes Impact Student Theses Datasets About the Research Explorer; Media enquiries; Commercial enquiries; Staff login; BERA 2020 ECR Presentation Award (shortlisted) … startxref The AURORA meta-analysis provides data on 458 patients who underwent thrombectomy more than 6 hours after last known well and showed a considerable long-term clinical benefit in these stroke patients (RPS 1411b-4). On-Demand Early Career Researchers Program Showcase . Abstract submissions for all presentations, including research and student oral presentations, as well as posters is now open and the deadline date for submissions is 10 October 2019. The authors studied 39 patients and found 80% sensitivity and 75% specificity of single voxel MR spectroscopy in the detection of 2HG (RPS 1011a-5). In Moyamoya disease, it is possible to differentiate between affected and unaffected vascular territories (RPS 311-11). OPENING ADDRESS . 0000011491 00000 n Read Article. Home Research Research Explorer Prizes BERA 2020 ECR Presentation Award (shortlisted) Home; Research; Research Explorer. Online Registration Open. UPCOMING EVENT. 0000004016 00000 n The EHR Core Research: Production Engineering Education and Research (ECR: PEER) program recently held a webinar for reviewers. Description. 0000023574 00000 n ���t�����%V�^��u_�~O�Ap�(�}�V�é�����ଊ�2 �D��|��?�̑$��x���)���;,�sp�oX98'�#�@{�� �.M'$�3� �w��08K�1 ,�@��؇$p�COS��q_o;�ڪ�iB8�$ K:`˴8ͬ�n=O,�^���2�?Ϩ+�{��\�Ot��nX���_^FB�G�y��E8r���5/Ž��0_�F�l�ҭ�����G�+rHA�?� �ZmR����)�.��N��g���?K���k5��$״6|^�Β� pr�T�r�� Full details, category information and guides for authors are available to download from the ECR website. 0000002467 00000 n The program included an interactive session on your PhD / ECR research and teaching elevator pitch. Early Career Research Community Peer Review Week 2020: Time to Make Peer Review An Essential Part of the ECR Experience September 26, 2020 By Andreas Vilhelmsson With this year’s Peer Review Week coming to an end it can be a good idea to turn the focus and look… 0000117472 00000 n A one-stop-shop that allows you to spend more time with clients and on your other core activities. endstream endobj 44 0 obj <>/AP<>/Border[0 0 0]/F 4/Rect[66.501 116.391 172.176 124.838]/Subtype/Link/Type/Annot>> endobj 45 0 obj <>>>/Subtype/Form/Type/XObject>>stream ASL has been used successfully in sickle cell vasculopathy (RPS 1411a-2) and porphyria (RPS 1411a-7), in migraine patients (RPS 1411a-10) and in localising the epileptogenic focus (RPS 1411a-11). ECR 2020 Highlight Week #6. WELCOME . Focussed upon delivering rigorous and robust research, the ECR Retail Loss Group focuses on the development of new insights, tools and techniques to enable the retail industry to sustainably sell more and lose less. 0000118649 00000 n Electronic Commerce Research serves as a catalyst for new research and a forum for disseminating the latest findings in all facets of electronic commerce. Watch ECR 2020 content on-demand . 0000064998 00000 n In a meta-analysis, the authors suggested that a trans-sectional cervical cord area of 71 mm2 could be used to discriminate progressive forms of MS from non-progressive forms (RPS 611b-3). 0000002228 00000 n You can submit your abstracts for ECR 2020 here: ECR 2020 abstract submission. Dynamic CT angiography weighting (arterial/arteriovenous/venous) did not impact collateral grade analysis and was not useful in predicting infarct size and clinical outcome (RPS 1111-5). November 30, 2019 ESR Membership 2019 … ALL ABOUT ERC FUNDING. Ten grants are available to fund staff at ACU member universities to organise and deliver training for their early career researchers, including Doctoral candidates. The Group’s research priorities are determined by its members – they drive the agenda to ensure that it is designed to meet the needs of the retail sector. In stroke imaging, several abstracts focus on improvement in stroke patient selection for thrombolysis. Paediatric Radiology / Children in Focus (supported by ESPR) October 20 - 21, 2020 . We invite you to hear her research presentation: 2:00 . Factors Related to Maternal Adverse Outcomes in Pregnant Women with Cardiac Disease in Low-resource Settings. SMHR Team Awards for Impactful Mental Health Research . ECR 2020 Book of Abstracts. On Friday, negotiators from the European Parliament’s Committees on Budget (BUDG) and Economic and Monetary Affairs (ECON) and the EU Council agreed on the final framework for the European Recovery and Resilience Facility (RRF). If you are interested in reviewing ECR proposals please submit a brief CV to 0000117435 00000 n Philippe Amubuomombe Poli, Elkanah Omenge Orang’o, Ann Mwangi, Felix Ayub Barasa. There is an increasing use of radiomics for volumetry and for assessing response to treatment in brain tumour imaging. Since its inception in 2003 - which was visionary for its time - many thousand posters have been submitted to EPOS™, where they are permanently available - completely free of charge. 0000024112 00000 n The European Society of Radiology (ESR) is proud to announce that ECR 2020 proved to be an outstanding success in overcoming COVID-19, attracting a record 15,265 professional delegates to its online sessions, an increase of 5% on the previous year. SMHR Health Services Research . With diffusion basis spectrum imaging, it was possible to quantify the dendritic and neuronal loss with oedema and inflammation in the substantia nigra of PD patients (RPS 611a-6). h�b```b``��������A�؀�,M�Y��� 1��M����ur�����&���Iw�����-r2 The authors state that this work has not received any funding. DAY 1 Tuesday 10. th. 2020 UQ ECR Template Career Research Plan (DOCX, 17.1 KB) Additional resources; 2020 ECR Sample Application Form (PDF, 264.9 KB) 2020 UQ ECR Overview of Assessment Process (PDF, 214 KB) 2020 UQ ECR Assessor Report Form (DOCX, 2.1 MB) UQ ECR Final report Form (post-award resource) (DOCX, 185.1 KB) 2020 UQ R&I Online Forms User Guide (PDF, 1.5 MB) Demaerel, P. Neuro research presentation sessions at ECR 2020. ECR 2020; Radiology fighting COVID-19; Highlight Weeks; Table Talks; Topic Packages; Login; Select Page. volume 30, pages5599–5601(2020)Cite this article. 0000117969 00000 n ! �2�sAE5�Jr�9 0000067138 00000 n 0000012976 00000 n CRN Interim-Chair, Head of the Gynaecological Oncology Research Program at the Westmead Institute for Medical Abstract submissions for all presentations, including research and student oral presentations, as well as posters, should be submitted online by 10 October 2019. The journal’s broad scope encompasses core enabling technologies as well as the implications of these technologies for societies, economies, businesses, and individuals. All sessions will be available on ESR Connect until December 31, 2020. ECR: PEER Reviewer Webinar and Presentation. ECR 2020 Book of Abstracts (2020) Insights imaging. 0000026939 00000 n 0000118065 00000 n Measurement of brain atrophy in multiple sclerosis (MS) with a 30-year follow-up suggests that, when present within 5 years of disease onset, it predicts disability a decade or more later (RPS 611b-1). European Cardiology Review 2020;15:e68. 09-12-2020 €655 million frontier research funding package. ERC STARTING GRANTS. 0000118419 00000 n ESOR FOUNDATION Course Cardiac Imaging Wednesday, January 13, 2021. 0000017428 00000 n 0000073532 00000 n 34 0 obj <> endobj 0000074062 00000 n Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning. Abstracts of accepted Research Presentations, Clinical Trials in Radiology, My Thesis in 3 Minutes, and Student presentations will be published in the Book of Abstracts in Insights into Imaging. A previously recorded Webinar video on the Overview of Solicitation and Proposal Submission is available for viewing for those who could not attend the Webinar sessions. Login or register to view PDF. 0000061475 00000 n 0000004709 00000 n Schilling, M. van Lier, S. Muller, "Impact of a pressure-based flexible paddle in digital breast tomosynthesis on the participant and technologist." Joint Winners - A highly personalised and measurement-based model of care to best manage youth mental health . 0000049765 00000 n Philips Live! ��Z���.�a`���( FREE ECR 2019 online video archive. ECR 2020 - European Congress of Radiology will be on 26 Feb,2020 to 1st March,2020 In Austria Center Vienna We guarantee that you will find a subscription package that suits you! The two-day online conference for early career researchers (ECRs) under the motto "(In)Credible Research - for credibility, integrity and reproducibility of research" took place on October 29-30, 2020. Neuroradiology research presented at ECR 2020:mainfindings,novelties,andremaining questions The greatest novelties in the research presentation sessions (RPS) on neuroimaging at the European Congress of Radiology (ECR) 2020 are related to progress in advanced magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) techniques and artificial intelligence (AI). Neuro research presentation sessions at ECR 2020,, �{�e/D.��9ղ_6Y�]8TG��/CpPs5Rk�'L�ϾeË�m�mΗ���/5�+�bחgĔD�sh�r�K B��e�-8��Z��_\ˡ���\��v�������"N�v5��J����S��0���"��o������g�_=g���_~���s���=��_e��|IϾ��sf�:��ٟ��p�����~���۷wo_��������o�yI��W/��E�*����{#텣��[�)�f�%�����bv�b[����a���~�����}"z~� �-��x� z�g�r�Q��Jѻ�q,����I���J�����O3׳ͧ�{�� ~�r�Z�x����T��������MM'� Title: Microsoft PowerPoint - ECR Aldi Presentation Author: Colin Created Date: 2/14/2020 8:28:06 PM AI can provide an e-CT angiography collateral score for patients eligible for thrombectomy (RPS 1411b-8). 0000011079 00000 n In between running experiments, analyzing data, and writing manuscripts, I also assist them in finding and submitting applications to summer internships and research presentation opportunities. -, DOI:, Over 10 million scientific documents at your fingertips, Not logged in Empowered by imaging biomarkers), Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme, grant agreement No. ECR 2020 continues throughout the rest of 2020 with on-demand access to hundreds of hours of content from the congress. The two-day online conference for early career researchers (ECRs) under the motto "(In)Credible Research - for credibility, integrity and reproducibility of research" took place on October 29-30, 2020. Thank you very much for the great interest in (In)credible Research. Looking forward to meet you at the virtual event for radiologist. 0000072805 00000 n Rebecca Venchiarutti and Natalia Pinello, PGSWG Chairs . Research Presentation Session. In summary, fascinating research is presented in the different sessions providing very interesting observations in various research domains of neuroimaging. The usefulness of rCBV measurements to differentiate the IDH genotype is also reported (RPS 1011a-7). 07-12-2020 ERC Scientific Council statement on Horizon Europe budget. After dopaminergic treatment, a decoupling of the right frontoparietal network was observed together with an increase of the ipsilateral connectivity in the left frontoparietal network (RPS 611a-8). LATEST ON-DEMAND CONTENT. 0000002433 00000 n EHR Core Research (ECR) ECR Webinar Series. H��W[�� }�_1�v�O+R����"A�&�}��~��)v��N���CR�h�ޠ�»����!��>l7��}�����_�~��i�y�)��O�+9�����:�t}o�^���eo^�y��k�����_7��7��?���v��7����~��{��ε9 Thank you very much for the great interest in (In)credible Research. The authors of this manuscript declare no relationships with any companies, whose products or services may be related to the subject matter of the article. 0000065099 00000 n Microscopical fractional anisotropy, obtained from tensor-valued diffusion encoding, is not affected by fibre dispersion and improves the characterisation of white matter pathology in MS (RPS 611b-10). You can also access electronic posters not only from the current but also from previous years: EPOS ECR posters You can also search for radiology presentations and seminars for … Why should you attend? ! Abdominal. 0000026784 00000 n Written informed consent was not required for this study because it summarizes congress proceedings. The dopamine transporting imaging-specific binding ratio and the mean diffusivity on diffusion tensor imaging can contribute to the discrimination of early PD and rapid eye movement sleep behaviour disorder (RPS 611a-11). ECR Wallet Click here to play ; Stream Quality; low; high; Sam Cele Weekdays 10 p.m. - 1 a.m. NEXT SHOW: Jane Linley-Thomas Weekdays 01:00 - 04:00 2020 Year in … Visit the Congress website for more information. Automated assessment of regional hypoattenuations was able to identify expert-classified visual ASPECTS cut-off values and may be helpful for patient selection for thrombectomy (RPS 1411b-9). Audit. ECR Invest in Youth Program. The RRF outlines the rules and objectives … 12-12-2020 ERC Scientific Council statement on the conclusion of the Horizon Europe negotiations. ... My Thesis in 3 Minutes. In 400 subjects without prior cardiovascular disease who underwent MRI, serum glucose concentration was identified as a quantitative determinant of white matter lesion volume and the authors suggest that the effect of diabetes on white matter lesion volume might be driven by impaired glucose tolerance (RPS 1111-3). The one thing determining 80% of your returns is asset allocation We strive to offer a clever research solution for time-pressed decision makers. Proteomics Highlight of the Year. November 2020 . 0000030389 00000 n 0000118578 00000 n The EXCEL Trial: The Surgeons’ Perspective. 0000033109 00000 n Whether you are bombarded with information or find it difficult to find quality analysis to help with forming a view on the markets, 0000072988 00000 n 34 74 2020 ECR webinar presentations on-demand On-Demand Early Career Researchers Program Showcase As part of the APSAD webinar series, the 2020 APSAD EMCR webinar and online program showcased new and exciting research from Australasia's early career researchers working in the field. Three research presentation sessions (1411a, 1411c, and 1611) are dedicated to advances in functional MRI techniques. The greatest novelties in the research presentation sessions (RPS) on neuroimaging at the European Congress of Radiology (ECR) 2020 are related to progress in advanced magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) techniques and artificial intelligence (AI). Research Papers (oral presentations) EPOS™ (posters) Student papers (oral presentations) EuroSafe Imaging (poster) July 1 – October 10, 2019 Application open for Support Programmes . 0000012084 00000 n 0000003733 00000 n The orientation dispersion index can be generated from the neurite orientation dispersion and density imaging sequence and appears to be a measure of regional neurite changes in early PD (RPS 611a-12). Who can apply for the ECR Invest in Youth program? 0000119149 00000 n A good correlation was found between the changes of the “swallow tail sign” on quantitative susceptibility mapping and the striatal uptake on PET (RPS 611a-7). 0000011913 00000 n 0000020862 00000 n It will highlight the latest research and bring together the cancer research community to inspire innovation and build knowledge, connections and collaborations. 0000024239 00000 n SMHR Health Services Research . ECR is one of the leading events in radiology. Tout cela gratuitement. Also, ECR’s sessions are available on demand on this platform, extending the value of the knowledge transfer far beyond the 5 days of the congress. The ECR 2020 Book of Abstracts is published by the European Society of Radiology (ESR) and summarises the presentations that were accepted to be held at the European Congress of Radiology 2020 (programme status as per January 31, 2020). No complex statistical methods were necessary for this paper. x�S ! European Society of Radiology Am Gestade 1 1010 Vienna, Austria 0000035801 00000 n 0000023382 00000 n WATCH NOW. 0000003044 00000 n European Radiology Présentation de l'enseignant pour la soirée de parents 17.09.20 Topic. Looking forward to meet you at the virtual event for radiologist. A novel 3D deep brain model was developed with promising diagnostic accuracy for diagnosis of Alzheimer disease (RPS 611a-4). POSTGRADUATE EDUCATION. ECR 2020 dazzles over 15,000 participants from across the world with outstanding online congress format. Several abstracts deal with resting-state fMRI, tractography, and connectometry. 0000001776 00000 n Invest in the Youth ; Shape Your Skills; August 31, 2019. endstream endobj 35 0 obj <> endobj 36 0 obj <> endobj 37 0 obj <>/ExtGState<>/Font<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB]/Properties<>/Shading<>/XObject<<>>>>/Rotate 0/Thumb 16 0 R/Type/Page>> endobj 38 0 obj <>/AP<>/Border[0 0 0]/F 4/Rect[489.26 669.6 544.252 724.479]/Subtype/Link/Type/Annot>> endobj 39 0 obj <>>>/Subtype/Form/Type/XObject>>stream ECR-Nederland houdt zich, als koeltechnische groothandel, bezig met de verkoop van componenten en assembleert unieke, op maat gemaakte prefab koelinstallatie units in haar eigen divisie Unitbouw. Another focus in stroke research deals with post-thrombectomy imaging. Research presentation at ECR. 0000057520 00000 n EACR 2021 is a four day virtual congress dedicated to basic, preclinical and translational cancer research across a wide breadth of topics. 13-11-2020 New opportunities for Japanese talent to join ERC research teams in Europe > More news . EPOS™, the Electronic Presentation Online System, is the European Society of Radiology's online database for electronic scientific exhibits. 0000095026 00000 n The Early Career Researcher Initiative (ECR) of the Human Proteome Organization is pleased to announce the sixth ECR Manuscript Competition took place online at HUPO Connect 2020!. ECR Rapid … %%EOF The presentation slides from the webinar are also available for review here. He is a University Fellow in Teaching and Academic Development and has delivered over 140 conference presentations, ... (ESTI) and currently PPC Chairperson for the ECR meeting 2020. One study reports that the mothership and drip-and-ship strategies do not differ significantly in impact on outcome, provided that ‘bridging’ intravenous thrombolysis is given to the acute stroke patient in the drip-and-ship strategy (RPS 1411b-1).

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