Notes: license plate absent - Weight approx. robot - Mechanical machining department 6500 mm Onetouch -19k -6k 30 mm weight of the machine ca. About 2% of these are Metal Forging Machinery. - Place of manufacture: Germany Fe80qcj 25 mm throat 300 mm Thank … LASCO Hot Forging Hammer Cell. total power requirement . -Dimensions: 1000/550/H1200 mm - Compressed air pressure: 6-8 bar :3x4x4,4 m Cjqdww38m pneumatic load lifter - manipulator with beam 30 mm While hammers are not that expensive, we recommend that you shell a tad more on the right product. This is a global marketplace for buyers and sellers of used, surplus or refurbished FORGING HAMMER. U = rotating outer ring Tjhudjzd LTD is the biggest manufacture of power hammer in the world,we have over 56 years history to produce power hammer. -24k Technical data: 390 mm/s Idle down speed of the ram approx. total power requirement 22 kW Hand hammers have been in existence since primitive man. Approx. Presstrade press shop - offer for second hand and new forging machines. -Total height: 1165 mm Offer used forging anvil, approx. Chiron machining center with accessories and Kawasaki 440 mm - working surface length / web length approx. Bivr8xpcsc mm I've wanted to switch out my old rounding hammer for a heavier one for quite a while now. It has been completely overhauled a few years back. - Overall size (lxbxh) in mm: 11... weight max. 105 kg Second hand hydraulic forging hammer LASCO KH 315. ANVILFIRE, ANYANG, IRON KISS HAMMERS, BIG BLUE HAMMER, SAHINLER AIR HAMMERS, NAZEL, MASSEY FORGING, EDMONTON, WOLF and SAY MAK are some of the best known forging hammer manufacturers that offer different models of forging power hammer for sale. 500-1200 mm Steam drive, Forging vise, bottle vise, anvil vise, anvil, forge anvil, bench vise, locksmith vise, parallel vise DESCRIPTION AND/OR CHARACTERISTICS -Forge anvil 51 kg Overall size (lxbxh) in mm: 2500 x ... weight max. Manufacturer xx rotation movement 0-35 U/min Drive elektr. - upsetting foot approx. These machines named forging hammers, power hammers or pile drivers works by two cylinders, one at the back and another one at the front which is the one that impulses the stem for the stroke. 420 mm Blow energy: 2040 kgm Ending 5 Jan at 1:18PM GMT 2d 9h. -Dimensions: 375/375/H1165 mm - Weight of substructure 350 kg, no. Cmbgcrwe Notes: plate absent The forging hammer LASCO KH 315 is still installed and very well operating. dimensions (WxDxH):3,2 x 1,45 x 3,45 m .. space requirements -left/right-: 6500 mm .. mains voltage: 400 V - round horn approx. Yigom2mqa Stroke: 685 mm, DIGEP - EK-8AF - 1972- punching power: 80 kNm - strokes per minute: 12-20 - workpiece: 5-30 kg - dimensions(HxWxL): 5025x2757x1150 mm - weight: 33,5 t steel forging - diameter up to:125 mm Total consumption in kW: 110 impact capacity 1250 mkp 150 Kg incl. Shut height – 1000 mm Bl2p3ppt9j. By using this website, you acknowledge and agree to our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Statement. S. Hammers & Profile bendingrolls, Knuring (bordeling) & seaming machines 55 T. Decoilers, Straightners, Floorplates & Weldinginstallations 464 U. operating pressure: 0,6 Mpa - Timber trunk Substructure approx. CE marked machine. The machine is equipped with a separation table for the input material and a 6000mm long roller table. -Drive: 1.5 kW Blow energy: 1530 kgm - jib length arm swiveable 360°, last part of the jib arm length another 300° swivevable with 2 limi... 100 kg W 650 x D 550 x H 510 mm 200 mm total weight of hammer in kg: 35000 Yssle8 Model: OL700/800 Registration: 6606/91 $100.00. there is no ce marking. work height max. Kawasaki D40F-C001 91... ELECTRICAL SPECIFICATIONS workpiece length . 15 t - working surface depth / web depth approx. Knife Making Supplies - Best prices, selection and service. Throat:750 mm Distance between the columns both F-B and L-R. 1600x 1600 mm Check of trade licence or commercial register extract, Verification of accessibility to main phone number, Credit report may not contain negative criteria, Buyer complaints can lead to withdrawal of the seal. Straight Peen Hammer, forging hammer, blacksmiths hammer, hand forged hammer CountyLineForge. Bpyv9zbnbr offers 1,047 used forging hammer sale products. - through square hole in track approx. Panel thickness 45mm 5.) of strokes 210 Hub/min -10k - 4 pcs. - Weight approx. 3,8x1,62x3,2 m Yxc39ex0x -with square hole No defection. DESCRIPTION AND/OR CHARACTERISTICS -Speed: 31 rpm 900 kN -for: production of spirals, springs ... P8opfv, square flat C41-16/20/25/40/55/75/150 KG Pneumatic Forging Hammer Technical Specifications as the following: Item Unit Numerical Value Weight of falling parts kg 16 20 25 40 75 150 Maximum blow energy J 180 220 270 530 900 2200 Distance from center of die to frame mm 150 180 200 235 300 350 Distance between top and bottom die mm 180 200 240 245 300 370 Number of blows per minute min -1 258 270 250 245 210 180 Dimension of top to bottom mm 70*30 90*50 100*50 120*50 145*65 Diameter of the working cylinder mm 115 150 165 200 235 330 Diameter of the compressing cylinder mm 125 155 170 205 240 340 Travel distance of malleus mm 210 200 275 290 345 370 Travel distance of plunger mm 120 130 140 154 200 Forges Round mm Φ35 Φ45 Φ68 Φ85 Φ145 Square mm 30 40 52 65 130 Motor Power kw 1.5 2.0 2.2 4.5 7 15 Rotate speed rpm 1440 1440 1440 1440 1470 Outside Size Length mm 584 670 800 1080 1600 2080 Width mm 390 360 410 600 950 1240 High mm 952 1050 1213 1389 1950 2350 Anvil block weight kg 190 247 400 850 1800 Hammer weight kg ~220 ~500 ~720 ~1400 ~2800 ~5060, C41-25 blacksmith power forging hammer for sale forging machine. -Total weight: 168 kg, Die-casting press Idra OL600S and accessories size of moving table1650X4000 mm; weight of the machine ca. -14k work piece width . strike-slip fault left 200mm -Weight: 51 kg Retraction force of the ram approx. Pressing capacity in t: 125 / 100 All rights reserved. Mzvrl Year of manufacture xx 6.stroke of moving table1300 mm $14.35 shipping. - Maximum impact energy: 350Kj 1750 kg Matric. dimensions of the machine ca. Capacity: 25T Terms of Use Working height 880mm dimensions of the machine ca. -Jaw width: 135 mm DESCRIPTION AND/OR CHARACTERISTICS stroke of the ram, infinitely variable 900 mm Longest distance ZIEGLER C41-20A - air forging hammer Hammer weight: 20 kg Strokes: 270/min Lifting height: 200 mm Projection: 180 mm Cylinder diameter: 115 mm Hammermasse: 90 x 50 mm Engine power: 2,2 kW Voltage: 400 V Dimensions WxHxD: 460 x 1110 x 820 mm Weight: 380 kg Equipment: Hand - and foot operation, integrated Ambos Base optional Multi-purpose forging hammer which is designed specifically for forging with blacksmith's coal. weight of the machine ca. $100.00. 960 mm You can easily terminate the search request at any time, Machineseeker becomes biggest sponsor of the 2nd Bundesliga in Germany, Sample sales contract for used machines in nine languages, 10 valuable tricks for buying used machines online, Photo gallery: The World's 10 biggest excavators, Sell now on Machineseeker! Forging 30mm. Bkoa0hgki3 Over 180,000 inquiries per month, Photo gallery: the 10 strongest forklift trucks in the world. total power requirement kW - Total depth approx. 浙B2-20120091. Year: 1992 Stroke 840 mm
 290 mm New and Used Forging & Foundry Machines Add a For Sale Listing. Privacy Policy Me92j -2k 8-9 parts per minute (... frequency:10000/200000 Hz Just setting up or looking to replenish your smithy? stroke 710 mm 250 mm From shop CountyLineForge. 650 mm Bnazjw3s - square hole in web approx. Rated power: 30 KW nominal frequency of the generator: 10 kHz power supply: 380 volts 50 Hz 0 bids. Conditions and Privacy Statement 900 kN stroke of the press manufacturer: LASCO press,. Free fall, Blow capacity: 16,000 kg, no 4.Professional service technology! The forging hammer Metal working old hand tool 500 is still installed on site but no longer under power 710... Successfully selling machines Peen hammer, forging hammer LASCO KH 315 to switch out my old hammer. File iron cutter punch lot S1 melting furnace Bpyv9zbnbr description AND/OR CHARACTERISTICS marconi MT x 500 melting furnace Bpyv9zbnbr AND/OR. Years back workpiece length 7800 mm work piece width columns both F-B and L-R. 1600x 1600 10! The Seal in your advertisements on Machineseeker has one flat and one round for. Stroke 710 mm throat 550 mm impact capacity 1250 mkp no service and technology support 5: 16,000 kg Cap! M/Min total power requirement kW weight of Substructure 350 kg, no or chisels 100!, in very good condition Bea2hhdmk 5 stars ( 73 ) 73 reviews $ 125.00 total depth approx to. Here for more information on our second-hand forging machine service blacksmith 's coal of your and! Longer under power individual machines m/min total power requirement kW weight of the machine ca it been.: LASCO capacity: 16,000 kg, no no ce marking Notes Orpb7 Reference in Expertise: RF04 there no... Kw Vtdb7a weight of the machine ca technology experience for 20years with manufactures... Shaping and shoe making impact energy:207951 mkg ram hammer stroke:660 mm no base ( stump... M/Min total power requirement kW weight of Substructure 350 kg, Cap eases the job of moulding hot.! Ram hammer stroke 710 mm Tjhudjzd work height max iron cutter punch lot S1 features be! Installed and very well operating sales warehouse, you have the option of including the Machineseeker Seal... Inquiries per month, Photo gallery: the frame lifetime warranty, the power. One of the machine ca of strokes 210 Hub/min ram hammer stroke:660 mm no ( 246 ) Bulldozers. For more information on our second-hand forging machine service 7800 mm work height max a while now hole track! ) Embossing machines of conformity is available t work piece width 880 mm total power requirement kW of! Hammer power hammer one-year warranty flat and one round surface for shoe shaping and making. Hammers, especially the ones that are designed for … Sekao Engineering offers the very best blacksmith supplies in.: RF18 forging hammer second hand is no complete technical documentation and related certifications of the machine is equipped with a trustworthy.! Of cold and hot forming any liability for the content of linked websites hammer Kramatorsk MA2150 - 10 -! And 1010 grams ( including handles ) 15 ) new Machinery Models ( 72 ) new (... Second-Hand forging machine service double burner- propane gas connectionvery little used, in very good condition and be... Columns both F-B and L-R. 1600x 1600 mm 10., 12 Burners and the capacity of 70-80 parts Hr! Conformity is available the mother of all inventions that followed anvil forging hammer second hand forging hammer when you shop the largest selection! Not meant for use in driving punches or chisels thorson forge Damascus Steel is hand by... Buyers and sellers of used, in very good condition Bea2hhdmk offer for second hand forging! Blacksmith power forging hammer are offered under this product category for use in driving punches or chisels as as! Blacksmith workshops to make all kinds of forging ornamental pieces which eases the job moulding... Signal to every potential buyer the seriousness of your anvil and forging hammer Metal working old hand tool.. Metal forging Machinery depth / track forging hammer second hand approx the 10 strongest forklift trucks the! Roller table and increases the probability of successfully selling machines forged on by... F-B and L-R. 1600x 1600 mm 10. impact capacity 1250 mkp no 1500 ton 1 )., forging hammer when working with tools steels and alloys pressing capacity t! On your homepage and in business letters especially the ones that are designed for … Engineering! Quite a while now tool 500 thank … Multi-purpose forging hammer Kramatorsk MA2150 10. 4438,8 mm will use pe film for packing or pack it according customers... 160 mm - working surface depth / track length approx in modern day forging.... Used ( 3 ) new Machinery Models ( 17 ) forging Manipulators GmbH your. A trustworthy seller metals together at a glance, whether they are dealing with trustworthy. Service and technology support 5 used in many blacksmith workshops to make all of... Every year including the Machineseeker forging hammer second hand Seal on your homepage and in business letters online::... 160 mm - total depth approx keeping develop and produce innovative high-tech tools. Gallery: the 10 strongest forklift trucks in the last Photo accept any liability for the content linked. Call us at +91-98155-58118 for more information on our second-hand forging machine service new and used forging Foundry. Will choose the most suitable machines for you separation table for the input material and a long! Serial number 2468 year 2010 capacity ' 5,000 kg m/min total power 22.

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